Logo Crioxidil


Crioxidil came into being in the early 90s to offer professional hairdressers top quality products at a competitive price. CRIOXIDIL is a brand of the Spanish holding VMV Cosmetic Group and, as such, benefits from the Group’s high standards of quality, cutting-edge technology and advanced formulations created in the Group’s own R&D laboratories.


At CRIOXIDIL we strive to improve our products and services in order to offer maximum quality and:

- Proximity: we are a family business created by hairdressers for hairdressers. We understand the current needs of the professional and we listen when they tell us what they want.
- Commitment: our success is the success of our customers, and that’s why we work with the aim of offering the best service in the best possible conditions.
- Innovation: this has always been one of the company’s strengths and what differentiates the Group from its competitors. Year after year investigation is one of the company’s key investments.